Position: FX Artist

I am a recent graduate of Purdue University.  In May of 2010, I received my Masters of Science in Computer Graphics Technology.  During my masters program, my studies were focused primarily on fluid simulation and GPU programming. While earning my Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University, I worked principally on 3D animation. My experience in creation of fluid simulations and working with off-the-shelf packages like RealFlow and Maya makes a great combination for a FX Artist.

This past semester was a busy one. I finished my thesis on the importance of illumination components while rendering water-rich virtual environments. This study found the crucial lighting phenomena that contribute most to the realism of water. The goal of the study was to reduce rendering cost effectively by using human perception. Ultimately, it proposed Efficient Reductions based on these finding with minimal compromise to visual quality. Due to the significance of the findings, a paper was submitted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.  This submission is awaiting review.

This semester was also my continuance of GPU (graphics processing unit) programming and real-time graphics. I worked with the interoperation between OpenGL and CUDA to condense memory allocation, reduce host transfers over PCIe, and speed the alteration and rendering of data. Fractal Terrain is my newest project to join the demo reel.  During its creation, I was able to update the OpenGL window at 1960 fps while idling, and actively run kernels at 1150 fps. Of course, while rendering the tree generation the frames dropped to around 5-31 fps, but this simulation was also rendering over 2 million polygons every frame.